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Commander Shoulders - Contrast/Hologram Crocodile

Commander Shoulders - Contrast/Hologram Crocodile

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The Contrast Commander Shoulder is made of 2 high quality vinyls bonded together. The main shoulder material is a eye catching reflective hologram embossed with a crocodile texture. The arm section is a high gloss black vinyl, both are bonded to a black faux leather that helps create a solid base. There is a soft binding stitched around the edge for a comfortable feel against the skin where it fits tight to the body. There are also adjustable elastic straps underneath the arms and in the back to help customize for size.

The material is water resistant and can be easily cleaned with most products ( Goo Gone recommended ) and a soft cotton cloth.

Sizes- there are 2 different sizes for body proportion                                                                                                                              

Chest size 36-39" - S/M                                                                                                       Chest size 40-44" - M/L


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